Go Next Level With Your App and Game Development!

Coronium Lua Server is a free open source server stack for app and game developers.

Use Coronium LS to add User Management, Data Handling, File Storage, Analytics, and more with a simple Lua API, in the cloud!

What Makes Coronium LS?

Cloud Lua Build powerful systems with a simple to use Lua based cloud API.
SSL Secured Go SSL out of the box with a free certificate from Let's Encrypt.
Databases Choose your database, or use both. Includes MySQL and Mongo.
Templates Powerful templating system for HTML, JSON, and plain TEXT outputs.
Plugins Missing a feature? Extend Coronium LS with standard Lua modules.
And... User & Device Management, Analytics, File Storage, and more.


Global application overview.

Set up and monitor your apps.

Edit your cloud code anywhere.

Extend with community plugins.